10 Holiday Gifts for a Boyfriend

When you're with a new guy, someone that maybe you met through dating sites like match.com only a few months ago, and the holidays roll around, you know that it can be tricky buying them a gift. If you buy this, it may seem like you're trying to push him into a long term relationship, if you buy that, it may seem like you don't really take your relationship with him seriously enough. Striking that perfect romantic balance between "fling" and "long term" isn't easy.

If you want to get your guy a gift without sending "the wrong message", here are ten items specifically selected not to mislead, confuse or intimidate your boyfriend. The message these gifts send is "I like being with you!" nothing more, nothing less (note: this list also works as a "Christmas gifts for your girlfriend" list if you're dating a tomboy).

25th Anniversary Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Leonardo
Classic Boy's Toys

When you're an adult, Christmas is a little less exciting than when you were a kid... In fact, it becomes not so much "fun" as "stressful". Nothing brings back the fun of childhood Christmas like getting a nostalgic childhood gift.

Action Films on DVD

Whether or not you're into action films yourself, letting your boyfriend know that he doesn't have to watch nothing but chick flicks now that you're together is helpful. It lets him know that you're not going to try to stifle him with the relationship.

Two Player Games

Taking an interest in his interests can help, too, of course.

Flannel Shirts

A flannel shirt is really a great thing to have handy in the winter time. It shows caring without being too pushy about it. Same goes for...

Riverstone Goods Men's Insulated Thermal Boot Socks - 3-Pack
Thermal Socks

Socks are equally wonderful during the colder months of the year.

A New Phone

If you're looking for more of a high-ticket item, a new phone is a little on the pricey side, but just pricey enough to let your guy know you care, not quite pricey enough to say "You OWE me, now!"

Box Sets

Even though most of us have all the music we could ever need in MP3 format these days, there's something to be said for good old fashioned CD box sets. Of course, if you want to get a little more personal, you may want to consider...

Mix CDs

If you already have all his favorite music in MP3, why not share it with him? You can make your own cover art for fun. Or maybe make a CD of special Christmas songs to sing on the road.

A Book of His Favorite Artist's Work

Art books are those kind of things that are great to receive as a gift, but that few of us actually ever buy for ourselves, making them perfect to pick up around Christmas time.


Because men love beef. Really, this is your best bet for gourmet food items for Christmas, because you can't buy premium beer over the internet in many states.