10 Holiday Gifts for a Girlfriend

Holiday gift for a girlfriendSo you've been dating for a couple of months now, and Christmas is right around the corner. What do you get your special lady? Striking the right balance is important, as a gift at this point can have some pretty deep implications about where your relationship is going. Some gifts might seem to be pushing her into something a little too serious too soon. Other gifts may seem too casual. She's probably thinking what to buy you, the boyfriend as well.

Here are ten gifts specifically chosen to keep you from having to explain yourself.

Silk Scarves

It's cold out, and these scarves aren't too expensive, so they're just right. They seem to say "I care about you" without insisting "so let's get married right away!"

A Warm Sweater

Another good, practical choice, suggesting a degree of affection without seeming to push your special lady into a more serious commitment.

Your Favorite Book

Whatever your favorite book may be, buying her a copy is a common and smart gift at this point in a relationship. It says "here's a little something that's dear to my heart, see what you think". Alternately, you could consider buying her...

A Book By Her Favorite Author

To prove that you've been paying attention! Along those same lines, you could also consider getting her something nostalgic like...

A VCR And Her Favorite Childhood Movie on VHS

It's kind of a silly idea, but it can bring back a lot of memories, prove that you've been listening, and show that you can be creative in coming up with holiday gifts.

Silver Jewelry

Gold and diamonds may seem a little much, a little expensive and a little pushy when it's only been a few months. A silver pendant or some inexpensive earrings on the other hand, show just enough affection without having to imply that you're ready for the next step.

Gourmet Coffee

If she's a serious coffee drinker, gourmet coffee is just pricey enough to say "I'm willing to spend the extra dollar or two to make you happy", but not pricey enough to say "and I will for the rest of our lives!" It's the perfect compromise as far as gourmet items go.

Gourmet Chocolate

If she's not really into coffee, then chocolate accomplishes the same thing. Actually, no matter what else you're looking for on this list, pick her up some chocolate.

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A Good Impression on Her Family

This Christmas will probably be the first time you're spending much time with her family, so dress well, get a fresh shave and try to put your best foot forward. Get a little advice from a dating website on how to approach the situation, and you should be fine.