3 Signs that Free Dating Sites are not Free

Back when I was a single gal, I met my husband on Yahoo! Of course then, Yahoo! Personals wasn’t a big thing yet so I met my husband on what was free dating site at the time. I submitted my profile, and he sent me his. To make a long story short, a single profile on Yahoo! led to me being a happily married woman of ten years with three kids.

Things have changed since I placed that first ad. There on tons of online dating services out there. Now, most of them charge a hefty membership. I’m sure you know the big ones from the television commercials, eHarmony, Match.com – you can’t miss them. Love and romance are fabulous; no person should be without either. Still, it’s not something for which you should have to pay. You already hard pressed to pay your real bills, who can afford to pay for online dating?

Luckily, if you search around the Internet, you can still find fabulous free dating sites here and there. They offer just as many advantages as the paying sites but without the subscription fee. Free love? Hippies of the world can now rejoice.

Don’t get too happy though. Be cautious before signing up on the first of the free dating sites that you see. Remember, not everything that shines is a precious gem. Sometimes when you’re looking for gold; you end up running across a very sneaky snake.

Not a real snake, mind you, but a money grabbing snake – the kind that makes you think you’re signing up for a free dating site when you’re not. These are the worst kinds of snakes. They get you all happy thinking that you’re about to meet someone really great, and suddenly, they’re asking for your credit card information.