3 Ways to Make Your Internet Dating Profile Kick Ass

Want to have the internet dating profile that will blow everyone else’s out of the water? Are you sure? These tips are so good you will be beating men (or women) off with a virtual baseball bat. If you want to be super popular on any online dating site following these simple tips will make it happen:

1) Populate your profile with lots of fun pictures of yourself
Put in pictures of yourself having fun windsurfing, playing volleyball on the beach, hiking, swimming, whatever you love to do, show a picture of yourself doing it. This gives the impression that you know how to have a good time and are outgoing. Don’t put pics of yourself doing things you hate though because chances are someone you date will actually expect to do some of these things with you!

2) Be FUNNY!
Everyone loves funny people. Show humor in your writing style, a couple of self deprecating comments and some funny commentary can go a long way. Don’t pick on yourself though, you don’t want to pass funny straight into depressing-town. No one likes a buzz kill.

3) Spell check spell check SPELL CHECK
There is nothing more irritating than reading someone’s internet dating profile only to come up against misspellings and grammar problems. UGH! You want to seem clever and witty not stupid and illitereate (see what I did there?). Make use of spell check, it’s worth the couple seconds it takes to proof your profile info.

With these simple tips you can create a kick ass online dating profile that will get you all the attention you can handle.