5 Tips for a Fantastic Muslim Relationship

Online dating sites aimed specifically at Muslim singles are a welcome alternative for those members of the religion who prefer to meet potential partners without coming under the scrutiny of their family and community whilst doing so.

However, before throwing yourself into the online world of Muslim singles, make sure you’re up to scratch on the etiquette of Muslim dating. Here are some tips to get you started.

  1. First and foremost, you shouldn’t be on a Muslim dating site if you are not Muslim. Religious Muslims tend only to date other Muslims, and if you are serious about dating someone of this faith, you could consider converting to Islam. Bear in mind, however, that conversion takes time and involves major lifestyle changes.

  3. Unlike many Western daters, those in the Muslim community are online because they’re serious about a relationship. They’ve signed up to find marriage, rather than a holiday romance. If you’re not ready for 100% commitment, think twice before flirting with potential partners online.

  5. If you’ve met a potential partner online, you need to make sure that this is who you want as a partner for life. Before taking the relationship further, ask yourself whether you’re happy with who they are, how they think and the way they function emotionally. If you feel doubtful, remember there are many other people to meet online.

  7. Define the relationship. It is not generally necessary for Western couples to define relationship until they’ve been dating for a significant period of time. Not so for Muslim daters, for whom it is difficult to maintain an undefined relationship. From the outset, you need to make it clear whether it’s dating or friendship you’re after. To most Muslims, dating someone signifies your intention to marry them. If this isn’t your intention, you may be more comfortable using a general dating site rather than one catering to Muslims.

  9. Last but not least, you need to prioritise your respect for Islam throughout your dating experience. Meeting people online can easily lead to tempting situations, so you should keep in mind that a Muslim dating site is meant as a tool to help you find a life partner who shares your views of Islam. If your online dating activities begin to detract from your faith or distance you from your culture or community, you might be using the wrong site, or perhaps you just need to remind yourself of your priorities before continuing the journey.