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At DatingSites.org we've reviewed some of the top online dating sites to help you choose the best place to try and find a partner online. The dating site reviews that we've written are just our opinion though and we'd love to hear what you think of all the sites out there. You can now write your own review and rate the dating sites that we feature to let us, and all the other DatingSites.org visitors, know what your experiences were.

It's simple to write and add your own site review or rating to the site. First off you need to register with DatingSites.org where you can choose a username and whether you'd like to receive our regular newsletter. aApassword will then be sent to you. Once you've got your password simply login and then browse the reviews until you find one you'd like to rate or review.

Add your own ratingTo rate a review hover your mouse over the stars at the top of the right hand column and select your rating from 1 to 5 stars (5 being the highest) and then click your left mouse button. Your rating will then be saved and averaged with all the other votes.

To add your own review or comments click anywhere in the box under 'Write a Review' and start typing. When you're done just click 'Send Review' and your review will be submitted. Once we've checked your review it will appear in the box on the right hand side under the star ratings.

Things to consider when writing your review

Are you lacking ideas for what to write? Here are a few things to consider that may get you over that writer's block:

Good luck with your online dating, we hope to see your reviews soon!