Adding Romance to Senior Dating

It’s tough getting back in the saddle after years in a marriage or long relationship, especially if you feel like you’re past the point where romance is possible.

The truth is that this point doesn’t exist – women reach their sexual peak in their forties and men, well, they might hit it a little earlier but they’ve certainly learnt a thing or two about romance by the time they hit middle age.

Here are a few tips for injecting some romance into your relationship:

1) Don’t do Anything Different

The first tip is to forget about your age, and just go ahead and do things that are fun. You might not be quite as limber as you used to be, but that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the things that used to be good entertainment on a date.  Romance is usually pretty cheesy, but that’s part of what makes it so much fun. By now you should have plenty of tricks up your sleeve, if only because you’ve watched too many romantic comedies. Just go with it.

2) Don’t Overdo It

If you’re on a second date, it’s probably not a good idea to decorate the house with rose petals and await your paramour in the boudoir, your passionate loins similarly adorned.  Grand gestures are all well and good, but more often than not it’s the little things that make a difference.  Bringing flowers when you go to pick her up, or taking her to a romantic spot you know, is all you need to show that you still have it.  Don’t take flowers if you’re meeting in a public spot, because then she’ll have to carry them around all night.

3) You’re More Creative than a Sixteen Year Old

Dinner and a movie might be a decent date, but there are much better things you can do with your time. Go for a romantic drive at sunset where there is a view, or pack a picnic and head down to a sheltered beach to watch the sun go down.  If you’ve been together a while, rent a hotel room and have it stocked with champagne and roses before you arrive.

4) Do Something Totally Unusual

Think paintballing, or parasailing. There are loads of websites (such as which sell ‘experiences’ – the chance to drive around in a Ferrari or go horseback riding through the countryside.  Usually these companies offer great deals and the experiences are cheap but very memorable.

5) Spoil Yourselves as a Couple

If you’re together, chances are you have at least one shared interest. Even if you don’t, just about anybody enjoys a massage and a spa treatment, or going to a theatre production.  Look in your local paper or online for couples’ activities, and you’ll definitely find something that will get your romantic juices flowing.