Affordable Dating in the UK

Dating is all about getting to know each other and not about spending money. The United Kingdom offers so many affordable dates to do without giving up any of the romance a date should have.

If you both love the cinema but feel it is expensive at the prime hours there are discounted ticket prices at less popular times. You can still have a great time, and have the place almost exclusively to yourselves.

You can stroll along a river or lake for free or find a duck pond. Parks and nature reserves have duck ponds where you can have fun together feeding those hungry little ducks. Take a picnic lunch along, just some finger foods and a bottle of wine on the ground is a very inexpensive way to enjoy nature’s beauty and spend time with your date. If you wait until after dark to have your picnic under the stars you could add a little romance as well.

Lunch at a local pub is usually not as costly as dinner in a pricier restaurant.

Galleries and museums are usually free or very low-cost to take a date and wander for a few hours. You may even find an exhibit or piece of artwork you both admire and didn’t even realize it.

Most people live and work in their own city but have just never looked at it. London is one of the most beautiful and historic cities imaginable. You and your date can just stroll around town and probably be amazed and delighted at what you’ll actually find.

If you and your date both love nature you can hike or bike for free nearly anywhere in town or about the countryside. There are parks you can play sports in. You’ll have fun and enjoy getting more relaxed around one another. Of course, if you like less extreme sporting activities you could just enjoy miniature golf.

Laughing together is a great way to conduct a date. Visiting a comedy club is a lot less expensive than the theatre or fancy restaurant. The UK has several comedy clubs that everyone can enjoy and have a good laugh.

Maybe you and your date both enjoy books. Visit a local bookstore and sit in on a free poetry reading.

Dating in the UK can be affordable and these activities can bring people closer together and eave lasting memories to cherish.