Announcing Your Pregnancy To Him

Most of us who use online dating sites are really hoping that we can find true love. Sure, enough of us just want to hook up and have a good time, but the overwhelming majority of online daters are looking for something true and strong.

Inevitably, this means that you’re using dating sites to look for love and marriage. Hopefully you’ll be able to find that special someone and start a life together. And when that happens, you’ll know as much about what he’s thinking as you do right now – absolutely nothing.

What is he thinking when you break the news to him that you’re pregnant?


First and foremost, even if it’s an unplanned—and sometimes even unwanted—pregnancy, he’s initially feeling excited. Depending on his general attitude toward family and children, this excitement may last a long time or be over with incredibly quickly. Nevertheless, the first emotion he feels is excitement. He’s excited for you and actually excited that he was able to get you pregnant. After all, we’re animals, and our number-one mission in life is to propagate our species.


Next up, he’s dealing with a lot of doubt and fear. Even if it’s something he really wants and something he feels he’s really prepared for, nothing can stave off the feeling of fear. It’s just a natural reaction, one that he probably won’t share with you but that he still feels.


After the initial shock wears off, most guys are in total disbelief that you’re pregnant. Sure, it’s something that they knew could happen – but even if the both of you have been planning it, he goes into one of those “who’da thunk it?” moments.


After the initial excitement, fear and disbelief have passed, your guy is feeling a great deal of pride. Regardless of how the decision goes from here, he’s proud of himself that he was able to do this together with you. The thought of possibly being a father is something that fills every man with pride, at least for some time.