Annoying Habits Couples Form

The goal of the vast majority of singles in the dating site world is to meet a great guy or girl with whom they can start a loving and long-lasting relationship. A lot of singles out there have already been down this road before, but many are brand new to the relationship game.

Whether you’re a tried and true dater, an online dating site aficionado, or a rookie in the game, here are a few annoying habits couples form that you can hopefully avoid when you finally meet that special someone.


Really – is there anything worse than seeing a couple in the mall or in the park dressed alike? It’s tacky and it’s outright hilarious. If you want to be the butt of someone else’s jokes, then go for it. But remember to keep your individuality and avoid this annoying habit if you can.

Sentence finishers

Once you’re together for any long period of time, you’ll probably have a good idea of what your partner is thinking. But nothing out there is quite as annoying as trying to finish someone else’s sentences. Why? Well, the sentence finisher is mostly wrong, causing the talker to have to say it again. And if the finisher does happen to be right, it just becomes too creepy.

Slow walkers

This is one of the more annoying habits couples form. They have a tendency to walk extremely slowly when they’re out and about. Whether they’re on the sidewalk, in the mall, going through the grocery store, etc, some couples walk like their feet are stuck in quicksand.


Okay, this is the most annoying habit any couple forms. When you and your partner try to play the great matchmaker unwarranted, you’re interfering in someone else’s life. Not to mention that you’re usually very bad at trying to match someone else up. Stick with your relationship and butt out of other people’s lives.