Looking for Love in All the Wrong Places
Most people spend their life or at least entire decades looking for love. They may date several people or be seeking an online dating relationship hoping to find the other half of their life. They have expectations of what love [...]

Tip Top First Date Location
The First Date Location Online dating runs contrary to the tried-and-true principles many so-called relationship experts have been espousing for decades. For starters, the lack of the physical means your emotions are working double-time – something that could lead to [...]

Having Fun on Seniors Dates
Just because you are a senior, it does not mean that you can't have any fun while out on a date with your new senior friend. There are many date ideas out there waiting for you and hopefully this list [...]

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With the vast abundance of porn around, the effects of this on our sex lives is more than evident. Find out why too much porn is a bad thing.

Why She Likes Funny Men
It might be a little hard to come across as funny on a dating site, but the funnier you are, the more likely you are to score a date.

What He’s Thinking When You’re Naked
Everyone hopes that their dating site encounters will eventually lead to real-life hook-ups, so remember to look your best.

Reasons Men like Older Women
If you’re an older woman getting into the dating site game, don’t worry. Plenty of guys out there dig the whole cougar thing.

Why He’s Horrible at Shopping
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His Secret Life: What's He Hiding?
Ladies, you have to face a fact of life when talking about men. They keep secrets from you. Don’t worry; we’re not saying that all their secrets are sinister. They’re just not going to be extremely telling about everything they [...]

How to know if you’re being Played
In the world of online dating sites, you can really break everyone down into two groups: the people who are serious about finding true love, and everyone else. In the everyone else category, of course, we find spammers, scammers, and [...]

Why Involved People Use Singles Sites
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Top 10 Celebrity Marriages of 2010
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Behind the Mind: Marie Curie and her Love Life
Today’s tech-savvy world would do a better job, one would imagine, bringing together brilliant minds. However, even if online dating and the millions-members-strong social networking pool aren’t attracting Nobel Prize-winners and other extremely gifted individuals, the potential is there nevertheless. [...]

Why to Never Make a Sex Tape
Go check any online dating sites statistic from anywhere in the world, and you’ll come back with huge numbers boasting of its success. Like no other method before it, online dating really brings hearts together. And where there are happy [...]

Online Dating Sites- Safety First, Even for Seniors
If you’ve decided that using online dating sites to reenter the singles game is the right move for you, then congratulations are in order. It’s not an easy thing to do as a senior to step well outside of your [...]