Avoid Dating a Scoundrel

Seniors in the dating game can be popular targets for scoundrels, who will jump at the chance to take advantage of them.

It is important for elderly people to learn about, and follow, the numerous safety rules and tips available to them, which will help them to avoid scoundrels and ensure that they’re communicating with a genuine person on their chosen dating website.

Not only is it disheartening to find out that you’ve fallen for a scoundrel - it could also be financially crippling, as such people have no scruples and will take whatever they can from you in no time at all. Safety should always, therefore, be your top priority when it comes to online dating.

Find that special someone

There are countless advantages to finding that special someone in your senior years. A new person in your life can make you feel youthful, energised and inspired as you revel in their cheerful, stimulating company.

You want to be sure, therefore, that this special person is the real thing, rather than a wolf in sheep’s clothing who’ll be revealed as a scoundrel once you’ve fallen for them completely.

When meeting people online, beware of anybody who questions you about personal or financial information. Such questions should never be asked by strangers, and you should discontinue any contact with people who ask them. They will probably sound very genuine, but these are experienced scam artists after your money or wanting you to buy things for them.

Online meetings are not the only kind to watch out for. Seniors can meet new people during the course of their day-to-day activities, or may take an online relationship one step further and choose to meet the person in the flesh.

After spending considerable time with a new person, it may dawn on you that you have been paying the lion’s share of bills, entertainment and other costs. Perhaps your partner has become very good at getting money or gifts out of you without directly asking for them. In such cases, your suspicion should immediately be aroused.

Another thing that should put you on instant scoundrel-alert is if this person introduces you in their social circle as a colleague or relative, rather than as their date.

Before you open your heart or your home to a new person, no matter how wonderful they appear, you need to make sure you know their every detail. If you often catch them lying, no matter how unimportant the lies, be aware they are probably a scoundrel. In such cases, it would be best to end the relationship as soon as possible.

There are plenty of senior daters online who are genuine, trustworthy and hope to steal nothing more than your heart.