Barney's Top Lines: Suit UP!

There are few characters on TV as well loved as Barney Stinson. We love him for his wit, his chirps and most of all – for his suits. Herewith are ten of the absolute best Barney Stinson quotes we could find.
Number Ten
Barney Stinson: Lesson one – lose the goatee; it doesn’t go with your suit.
Ted Mosby: I’m not wearing a suit.
Barney Stinson: Lesson two – get a suit. Suits are cool.
Number Nine
Every Halloween, I bring a spare costume, in case I strike out with the hottest girl at the party. That way, I have a second chance to make a first impression.
Number Eight
You are going to miss out on a lot of awesome stuff. You’ll be at home – with the kid, while I am out awesome-ing all over the place.
Number Seven
In my body, where the shame gland should be – there’s a second awesome gland. True story.
Number Six
Haaaaave you met Ted?
Number Five
Barney Stinson: High five!
Ted Mosby: Dude, we are at a wake.
Barney Stinson: Sorry… solemn low five.
Number Four
You know who is confused? Bimbos. They’re easily confused. It’s one of the thousand little things I love about them. I love their vacant, trusting stares; their sluggish, unencumbered minds; their unresolved daddy issues. I love them Lily, and they love me. Bimbos have always been there for me, through thick and thin—mostly thin. B-man don’t do thick crust, what up!
Number Three
Jesus waited three days to come back to life. It was perfect! If he had only waited one day, a lot of people wouldn't have even heard he died. They'd be all, "Hey Jesus, what up?" and Jesus would probably be like, "What up? I died yesterday!" and they'd be all, "Uh, you look pretty alive to me, dude..." and then Jesus would have to explain how he was resurrected, and how it was a miracle, and the dude'd be like "Uhh okay, whatever you say, bro..." And he's not gonna come back on a Saturday. Everybody's busy, doing chores, workin' the loom, trimmin' the beard, NO. He waited the perfect number of days, three. Plus it's Sunday, so everyone's in church already, and they're all in there like "Oh no, Jesus is dead", and then BAM! He bursts in the back door, runnin' up the aisle, everyone's totally psyched, and FYI, that's when he invented the high five. That's why we wait three days to call a woman, because that's how long Jesus wants us to wait.... True story.
Number Two
Suit up!
Number One
It’s going to be legen… wait for it… dary!
The good news is, even if How I Met Your Mother gets cancelled, Barney Stinson will live on in our minds for years and years to come.