Before Dating Online: The 70’s

There became increased flexibility in the roles of women as far as gender specific industries in these years. More and more women were joining the work place, although, it was still considered a man’s place to provide for his family and be the bread-winner.

This decade shouldered a bad economy and lived with an almost identical, inflationary stimulus that our country is experiencing in our time right now. The governmental faith hit rock bottom in the 70’s as did their unemployment rate on a volume equal to today. This sounds all too familiar, right?

The 70’s was the decade most closely related in statistics to our 2008-2010 eras. Dating wasn’t much different in the 70’s than now. They of course didn’t have a computer or online dating sites in almost every home but there were lots of people going out with others to find a suitable match, hopefully for a long term or life relationship.

The free love of the 60’s wasn’t held in very high esteem, nor was the totally relaxed attitude toward sex. People wanted relationships.

Enter the beginning of commercial compatibility charts and being compatibly matched by a company with a computer matching system. Virtually like today, but not quite.

In the 70’s there was a very extensive questionnaire that a single could fill out and mail in to find a “high-speed computer match.” This version of today’s in-depth, compatibility match was supposed to be the help for “single, divorced, and widowed men and women,” if they needed date help.

This provided other, more technologically advanced ways to find a date than cheesy, pick-up lines in local singles bars.

Of course dating in the 70’s was more conservative because of the 60’s offering too much freedom and there weren’t the advances we enjoy today as a way of life.

There were rules of society that people followed in those days. They dated, got married and had kids. The backlash was that this decade also had a very high divorce rate.

Today’s online dating websites take away the gender rules and offers more freedom in your mate choices. You can find several compatible people and choose the one you want for dating, friendship or even marriage. Since there are more choices this way, then, when you do find a compatible date despite all the parallels of the 70’s and now the divorce rate is not quite as high as those from the 70’s.