Body Language Clues To Read

You think you’re pretty good at judging whether or not a person is interested in you. Maybe you can by reading their body language. It is fairly easy to tell if you’re on the right side of the track or not with your date by paying attention to some subtle body language clues.

Everyone is pretty much clued in on the body language of the eyes. Eye contact is a good way to read interest from another individual. If they make eye contact or concentrate on looking at your face about 80% of the time you’re together they are probably very interested in you.

The real way to tell if the eyes have it though is their pupil dilation. If they look you in the eye and their eyes are slightly dilated, chances are even better they are interested. If there is no real interest there the pupils will be more constricted. Interesting things to keep in mind when dating.

If someone winks at you then they are probably flirting, at least in our culture. In many other cultures it is considered a sign of disrespect.

When people stand closer to you it is usually a body language clue that they are interested in you. Other body language clues could be that they lean closer to you when you are speaking. They laugh or smile more frequently and their smile reaches their eyes when looking at you.

Women make gestures with their body language that may show their interest. Some of their most evident clues are tossing their hair or licking their lips. They will touch the man of interest more frequently or lean into him. Women will also flutter their eyelids more often when listening to a man she is interested in speak.

Men have their own distinct body language clues too. They will try to get the woman’s attention to focus on them. They will raise their eyebrows while listening to a woman they are attracted to. Often they will lean toward a woman when she’s speaking or offer her his coat.

Although, none of these body language clues are based on fact they are usually indicators of a person’s interest in another. They strongly hint of an attraction for another person.