Boosting the Romance by Doing the Little Things

Once you’ve met your match via online dating sites, you then have to keep your relationship alive and thriving like any other. This can be a tough task at times. Sure, love is certainly always enough, but love is still a fire that needs to be stoked every once a while.

By doing a few little things to boost up the romance in your relationship, love should never be a problem for you. Just follow these few tips and let your natural chemistry do the rest.

Use the Light Switch to Enhance the Romance

You have lights in the kitchen, the bathroom, the bedroom, the living room, etc – so use them. Look, everything becomes that much more sensual and romantic when you turn the lights down low or off completely. Especially for sexually active couples, being together in the dark just triggers a romantic response. Use the darkness to see each other better.

You’re Not a Chicken so Don't Ruin the Romance and Act Like One

Those little “welcome home, honey” and “goodbye” pecks on the lips and cheeks are okay… if you’re feathery birds! Just take a few seconds to transform that peck into a real kiss and watch as the romance takes you away.

Move Playfully, Not Forcefully to Keep the Romance Alive in Your Relationship

There are going to be plenty of times when you’re in the mood but your partner isn’t. This is just how relationships work, no matter if they were forged through dating sites or elsewhere. So when you’re feeling frisky, be a little frisky and flirty. Don’t be forceful about wanting sex; be playful and make it worth his/her while.

Be Tempting to Your Partner and Show Your Sensual Side

Tempting your partner whenever possible is a good thing. You want them to always think about you in a romantic light, and tempting them—using whatever you can to push their buttons—is something that will keep the romantic light turned on in your relationship.