Can it be True Love?

Can it be True Love?

There’s a lot to be said about the type of society we’ve created for ourselves and the ongoing need for instant gratification. But how much of what’s said is the truth and how much is just loose critique from individuals that cannot find their place for whatever reason? One aspect of today’s society that’s subject to constant bashing is the world of online dating. Skeptics say it doesn’t work, that it can’t be “true” love. Well, can it?

Make no mistake about it: “love” isn’t something that happens when a little diaper-wearing fairy strikes us with an arrow. And while it may sometimes feel mystical and magical and fantabulous, it’s actually something we do to ourselves – a way we make ourselves feel inadvertently.

Love is a mix of emotions we experience, a sense of attachment and affection brought on by comfort and familiarity. The idea of true love, basically, is finding two people who connect and make each other feel the same way – passionate, exhilarated, and sometimes even queasy or worse.

This type of feeling can be found wherever you want to find it. If you’re ready and willing and want to let yourself care for something on that level, then there’s really no difference in meeting a partner in a bar or a shopping mall than on an online dating site.

The difference in the physical and nonphysical is really trivial when you’re talking about the deep-seeded feelings of love. When it comes to natural selection and the drive we have to procreate, then certain physical factors do play a part, such as scent and touch. But on an emotional level, words and other variable factors can create a perfect mix for love.

Some are still skeptical and believe that online daters finding happiness are merely filling a lonely void in their lives. However, many would argue that’s a big part about what love is in the first place – the not wanting to be alone, wanting to spend your life with someone, wanting to start a family, etc.

There’s absolutely no reason that a couple would need to meet physically instead of digitally in order for this to happen. And the millions of happy couples forged from online dating stand as a testament to the overwhelming power of love.