Conceptualizing Real Love

With so many people finding real love as common as water, it can be disheartening for those of us who do not find it so common. Many of these people seem to take real love for granted. Or do they?

You may find yourself asking if you are just too busy to notice real love in your own life. After all, if people can find it on a daily basis, maybe there is something you are missing. Perhaps family and friends have even told you that you are just not looking in the right place for real love. So where do you look then?

The fact of the matter is you do not find real love. Why is that? Though it may sound cliché, real love actually finds you. With the way the term “love” is tossed around these days, it is no wonder people are unsure what “real love” even is. People can love their new car, love a sandwich, or even say they love a couch.

Is that technically real love? Perhaps what you should be asking is what real love even is. Real love should be something you are passionate over, something you could sacrifice for, and something you would do anything to protect. So if you are passionate about that sandwich, then perhaps you could call it real love.

Real love should not be classified as emotions and feelings you have towards another person. You can find real love in many things. Some of us love our pets, possessions, charities, philosophies, and beliefs.

With such passion for these things and the desire to do anything to pursue them, would that not be considered real love? If you think about it, real love is a broad concept that is left to interpretation.

As human beings, we have spent our lives revolving around defining what society thinks an emotional concept to be. By placing all of our energy in finding answers to those concepts, we have left out something that is rather important. Emotions cannot be defined by anyone.

Emotions are extremely personal and each emotion has a different meaning to every individual. Since no two people are alike, how could you expect their definition of an emotion to be the same? By wasting energy classifying what something like “real love” is, you are asking people to stick to one definition of something that is an emotion.

Instead of asking others what real love is, ask yourself what it is to you. Where do you find real love in your own life? If you let go of what you have been told in the past and think about what it means to you and only you…you may be surprised at the answer.