Confidence in Dating: Sizing up the Competition

Confidence is a hard thing to come by sometimes. If you’re a person who is fully confident in his or herself, then count your lucky blessings and consider yourself truly above the fray. Because, truthfully, most people in the world have at least a handful of things they’re not confident about at all. Millions of guys around the world know this feeling. They feel they don’t exactly measure up.

Though it’s not a thing you’ll find talked about everywhere, a man feeling his penis size is inadequate if definitely something often thought about. Even in the world of free online dating, the age-old question wages on: Does size matter?

In all honestly, there’s never been a way to answer this question. Although you’ll hear some swear it does and others swear it doesn’t, that’s not a definitive answer; that’s just a preference. And there you have it – the answer is a person’s particular preference.

Research shows, however, that nearly 85% of involved women are completely satisfied by the size of their boyfriend’s/husband’s penis. Single women… ah, well, not so much.

What does this statistic show us? Well, it could be misread to say that 85% of the men out there in relationships are hung and are able to easily satisfy their mates. But that’s completely wrong. What this statistic shows is that women care about the men and, size be damned, they’re satisfied by being with them.

If you’re a man feeling a little nervous about joining a dating site because you feel you won’t be able to measure up in the end, here’s one word of advice for you – relax.

If you’re not the pornographic superstar in waiting with a beastly nickname for your member, that’s okay. As long you’re not looking for sex only with loose women from adult dating sites, then size—or even sexual skill in general—isn’t a thing most single women using online dating sites are thinking about.

People using conventional free dating sites are looking for an emotional connection; a person with who love can blossom. Don’t let your hang-ups get in the way of what could be a great experience for you. The debate will always wage on, but remember that love does conquer all.