Crown Princess Victoria Marries For Love

Aaahhhh, to be a princess must be nice, especially when it comes time to get married. Crown Princess Victoria 32, of Sweden got married the other day to a regular Joe, well Daniel actually. His name is Daniel Westling and they met 10 years ago when he was the Princess’ personal trainer while she was getting treatment for an eating disorder.

The wedding was certainly fit for royalty, with 18 fighter jets flying above and over 5000 troops and more than 1200 dignitaries. There hasn’t been a wedding this spectacular in Europe since Lady Diana married Prince Charles.

As the Princess and her Prince Charming (now officially Prince Daniel Duke of Vastergotland) rode through the streets in a horse drawn carriage people lined the streets to wish them well.

While their love has never wavered the people’s faith in the Princess at times did. It was hard for Sweden to accept that their Crown Princess would marry a commoner. Her own father, King Carl XVI Gustaf, also did not approve of the match. That didn’t stop true love though and as they say, true love conquers all.