Date Strategy: Playing Hard To Get When Dating

Playing hard to get is an effective strategy in dating. It’s even easier to do when you met the other person online dating because if you hold a few small tidbits about yourself back they will only find out when you tell them.

A lot of people won’t and don’t like to admit that playing hard to get is a very useful strategy when dating. It’s also not the same thing as “playing games” when dating. Playing hard to get is just a way to gain and keep someone’s interest during dating.

You know that being mysterious and elusive will make your date that much more curious and heavily attracted to you. Isn’t that what dating is all about; gaining attraction from the opposite sex?

Playing hard to get in the dating world simply works the same as the age old child’s game of hide-n-seek. As adults it’s the same principle, someone hides, we find them. As an adult if the other person is too easy to find we get bored and don’t enjoy their company as much as someone that seems more spontaneous. We didn’t know if we were going to get this person by our side or not. That makes the hard to get partner more desirable to us.

The art of playing hard to get is a very thin tightrope. If you’re too good at it the other person may not know what to do. They may not be intrigued if you don’t ever answer their phone calls, if you’re already busy too many times or just repeatedly stand them up.

They may find it too complicated trying to get to know you and just walk away.

If you play hard to get the right way then the opposite sex will find you totally irresistible.

Here are some of the most successful hard to get strategies to work with and keep someone interested enough to keep them coming back for more.

Think about it when they ask you on the next date. Don’t just jump at the chance to see them again. You can tell them you’re busy and ask if the date could be an hour or so later or even for the next night. This peaks their curiosity, but they will still get to see you and that is the main goal.

You can also be upfront and extremely open but raise questions that they feel they just must have the answers to.

Give them exactly what they want but in a way that is totally unexpected to them. It will always keep them guessing and off guard wondering what you will do next.

Playing hard to get is an advantage in dating. You may not agree with it but while you’re busy not agreeing, your potential Mr. /Ms Right is chasing Mr. /Ms. “Hard to pin down.”