Dating 80’s Style

The 1980’s are probably known for being the most fad-following folks of any decade. Many of these fads flourished and remain intact today. Some of the things brought about could be just as soon forgotten, but it isn’t easy.

Remember big hair, M.C. Hammer pants, acid jeans, long-haired rocker bands and of course this was the heyday of Madonna. Not too bad, unless you remember the leg warmers and the side worn ponytails of the day.

Of course they did have video dating in the 80’s which was a step forward into the technological age we enjoy today. Of course this video dating was predominately white and male. There is no way to forget the moustaches and mullets that made the video dating cut from then.

This is also the decade that had AIDS introduced into their lives. The band played on to the tune of costing you your life if you were a participant of the free loving 60’s or the sexually active 70’s.

Thankfully, this brought about an awareness of complete abstinence or “safe sex,” through the use of condoms. Safe sex isn’t just a wonder to us now—it has become a very distinct way of life and of course that is a good thing.

Dating is actually more complex but a lot less complicated to the daters of this time era. The people are more secure in their aspects of personal life, their career and that they want to date. The problem was that in the 80’s there was no way to know the person you could meet without a date first and most of them were conflicted as to the kind of person they were seeking.

The good news is that online dating sites have become quite advanced over the video dating of the 80’s. It’s now the norm for today’s daters to chat through video the people they meet from online dating websites and you may even find a mullet or two.

Online dating sites have grown until it is the number one dating method and people don’t even mind admitting to it being how they found their significant other. You would have never admitted to having found true love from a video dating guy in the 80’s.

The online dating websites are a trend that are here to stay, unlike many of the other 80’s fads and that is most likely a good thing.