Dating Advice - Sex On The First Date?

You’ve dated all your friend’s friends, your mom’s friend’s sons, nephews and second cousins. None of that worked so now you’ve moved on to online dating sites. If you’re just looking for a hookup, a quickie, or a one night stand you can find a niche site for that. If you are finally ready to find love then online dating sites are a great place to start too.

Useful advice you can use on the first date

This dating advice is in no way meant to berate or tongue lash you if you do make a practice of having sex on a first date. It is not to criticize anyone for any immoral choices. Some women, like men, just want to get it while they can.

Maybe it is just your time for love. That’s the best reason to follow dating advice that says; never, never, never have sex on the first date. You might also consider not having sex on your first few dates. There are plenty of really good reason’s to hold out.

Holding out isn’t a game but it’s just meant to improve the sex between two people when they finally do the deed.

First bit of advice: Communication is essential when dating

It is always a good idea to explain that you don’t or won’t have sex on the first date. This is sometimes hard to do, especially if you wait until after the fooling around has began. Try to work it into the conversation early if some sexual banter has already started.

Don’t worry though, most men won’t take offense. They’ll just see it as a challenge. It will make the fooling around that much more exciting and fun for the both of you.

Like anything, great sex is all in the little details. If you both just jump in bed you’ll miss a lot of the teasing and touching that is so much fun. This is the part you’ll both miss out on if a man finds out he doesn’t have to take the time to do it.

If you have the willpower to succeed in your no-sex commitment the wait will usually bring out the wildest in most people.

You want to remember that the longer you hold off on the sex, the better it will be. The part you should really take away from this dating advice is that if the two of you are compatible, it will happen for you.