Dating Advice: The Secrets Men Keep

It’s been said that men are very easy to figure out – they only want a few things out of life. And while this dating advice is certainly true enough, there are quite a few little secrets men have that, if capitalized upon by women, can make them melt like putty in your hands.

Ladies, find out about these secrets and use them to your advantage. Using the Dirt to Win Him Over on Dating Sites Advice.

Dating Tip: He Digs Pop Culture

The guys out there using dating sites today aren’t very different than the guys not using them. Guys are guys – and you can bank on the fact that guys have a yearning to be in the “know,” as it were, when it comes to up-to-date pop culture. Sure, they don’t want to announce that they know about the Twilight saga or that they know who Justin Bieber is, but they do. And you can use this to your advantage by actually not bringing it up!

Yeah, it might seem a little backwards. But guys, although they’re probably secret fans, feel all types of embarrassed about this. So avoid these topics and you’ll score some points.

Dating Tip: He doesn’t want to be Friend Fodder

When you meet that special someone via a dating site, your inclination may be to tell your friends all about him. Well, per his perception, you’re talking about him behind his back; you’re betraying his trust by telling your friends about your intimate details. Even if you’re not, this is what he thinks. So remember that guys don’t like to be talked about. Avoid making him the topic of convo with your friends.

Dating Advice: He’s a Gossiper

Although he doesn’t want to be talked about, he wants to talk about other people. Guys are true gossipers; they just usually don’t bring it up themselves. If you’re looking for some good dating conversation material, just bring up a subject to gossip about and he’s yours for the next four hours (or however long it takes him to get the gossiping out of his system).