Dating Advice: Tips to Handling a Gamer

Since you’re using dating sites, you know how great technology can be. However, it can be a double-edged sword if you’re not careful.

If you’re trying to meet guys by using dating sites, then you really can’t fault the man if he turns out to be a little too much into technology. After all, if it wasn’t for the technology, you wouldn’t have met him.

Even still, there are a lot of technological devices out there today, and while dating sites have an ultimate purpose, the PlayStation or Xbox really do not – at least none that you can see.

If your guy constantly fiddles with his controller all day instead of giving you your due time, then use a few dating tips to distract his in-game focus in order to put it back on you.

Yoga time!

Guys love to tinker away all day at games like Madden and Call of Duty. But, underneath it all, they love sex even more. The next time he’s playing videogames all day and won’t focus on you, throw on some super tight spandex and decide to work out in his line of sight. Or wear a little white t-shirt and some panties and dust around his general area. He’ll quickly realize what he’s missing.

School him

If you really want him to stop playing permanently, then try this dating tip. When he’s not around, go ahead and play the game. Make sure you get good at it. The next time he plays, sit down beside him and play with him. Whip his hind end all over the place, and he’ll probably never want to play again.

Arouse his senses

Sitting there and playing games all day can really make a man hungry. If you want to get his attention, start cooking something and make sure that it’s potent enough for him to smell – bacon, pizza, steak, etc, works well. He’ll remember who butters his bread.

Throw the breaker

Okay, if all else fails, you reserve the right to go into the basement, open up the breaker box, and cut off the electricity around the house. Don’t let him see you do it. Instead, make him feel guilty for it, as if his lack of real-world focus has led to a missed electric payment.

Use these dating tips and you will find that dating a gamer has just gotten a lot simpler.