Dating and Relationships - Making Him Feel Special

Guys might be simplistic creatures, but they have frail egos. If you really like him, you should be trying to make him feel special so that he realizes what a great partner he has.

Using a few dating tips to make him feel good is a great way to increase the overall health of your relationship you've started after using dating sites online.

Using Dating Sites to Brighten his Day

Be Impressed

When he goes into one of his heroic, manly stories about what a solid piece of Greek God he is, don’t just roll your eyes. Sure, you know that he’s only trying to impress you – but don’t dismiss it; be impressed with him. It will make him feel great.

Laugh, Giggle, Smile

Most guys are trying to tell any type of corny joke or story they know in order to get a laugh out of you. Don’t hold back. Now, this doesn’t mean to be fake about it, but you still should realize the effort he’s putting in and grade on the curve.

Compliment Continuously

Telling him how smart or funny or cute or strong he is a surefire way to make him feel special. This is something you should be doing a lot of if your goal is to make him feel great about himself. The upside: he’ll be that much more into you based on your willingness to make him feel like the strong and confident guy he’s portraying himself to be.