Dating Gets Interesting In The 90’s

There is a lot of speculation on how dating in the 90’s decade was going. Truth is it didn’t seem to be going so great.

It does happen that the 90’s was the true electronic age. It was the beginning of life with the computer as we now know it with the World Wide Web coming at us in 1992. This brought email, shopping and e-commerce into our lives. Three million people were online in 1994 and in a massive jump; 100 million people were online in 1998.

Violence was definitely a way of life for those in the 90’s and that is a parallel to the time we live in now with a war going on. Sex scandals were a truly dominant affair all during the 90’s.

A presidency came to a very media-related end due to sexual scandal and O.J. brought millions to the television with the accusations and a televised trial of whether he did or did not kill Nicole. One plus from the 90’s is that the economy was good but not on the dating front did it compare to now. If you did belong to online dating sites it wasn’t considered cool and it was stereotyped for the desperate loser of the day.

The video dating systems remained intact from the 1980’s into the 1990’s but weren’t very popular for the majority of people.

Phone dating systems came about in this era. With this type of dating the customer would call another single and be charged by the minute. This was a very expensive phone call and terribly hard to keep separate from the phone sex or porn operations that became very prevalent in this time. With the phone porn, the female operators spoke to men at exorbitant rates but there was no chance of this ever becoming a date situation.

Online dating services did come into the picture in the 90’s and they included video and phone as a way to pick a date. It wasn’t quite as advanced as the online dating websites from today’s computer dating choices. It seemed to be too expensive to bother with and people just didn’t have the time or the inclination to sit for a video to be done. Today’s online dating websites are convenient and can be done from your home with a few clicks of a mouse.

In 1994 and 1995 the first Internet Dating Website was registered on the Web. Then there were sixteen date sites listed with Yahoo by 1996. None of these dating websites enjoyed a lot of popularity at that time for more than a fancier means to find a mail order bride.

There was a major boost to the dating sites becoming more accepted in 1998 with the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” This movie caused the Web to be viewed in a more positively, enlightened way and using the Web to meet others became more publicly acceptable.