Dating Ideas: Ummm NO

There are a lot of really bad date ideas and the evidence of that is all the singles sitting at home wondering what happened to keep that first date from becoming a second. Well, if you went for one of these date ideas you will probably figure out why now.

Don’t pick the most expensive place in town for a first date. If you did and then ordered the most expensive item on the menu and expected your date to pick up the tab you probably didn’t make the best dating impression.

When you don’t know your date’s financial situation you should choose a less expensive place to have the first date. Always be sure, out of courtesy, to bring your own cash or card to cover any expenses you have planned.

The next worst date idea is to go overboard on the romance for a first date. A small bouquet of flowers is a nice idea for the first date but leave the vases of roses, booking an entire suite with a private waiter or love poems for later on. Coming on too strong on a first date can be scary at best.

You should NEVER, NEVER, NEVER use a date as revenge. This means that you should not make a point of going to the restaurant of choice your ex preferred. Don’t go to the bar you know your ex may be at. If your date was ever to figure it out, and they will, they will never give you a chance at a second date.

A really bad dating idea is one that doesn’t include the date. Don’t take a first date to visit your family or go out with just your friends. The first date is for you and the other person to get to know each other.

For the last and very worst date idea anyone can think of this is it. Don’t make it a drinking date. Excessive drinking on a first date usually leads to disaster and not making a good impression. Your date may not even want to drink at all so find out how they feel about the whole drinking scene before including it as a major event on the first date.