Dating Online: Bangers and Mash/Win a Heart

Growing up in Ireland gave me some of the fondest memories a girl could ever ask for. We lived a relatively simple life over there, with my father running a local pub and my mother keeping watch to make sure my brothers never “accidentally” grabbed the Guinness instead of the milk while dad was cooking in the back.

We moved to America when I was 11 and I never thought I was going to adjust. After I turned 19 and started college, however, I was really starting to feel at home. Dad passed away when I was a freshman in high school, and mom got sick just two years after.

When I was finally adjusted to my life in America after all these years, cancer finally took mom and sent me into a depression the likes of which I thought I’d never come out of.

I barely made it out of college, having no friends and certainly no relationships. I had thought about going back to Ireland, but hearing their voices and eating the food would just bring back too many memories. So, I worked a gloomy job and lived by myself with my misery for years.

I broke down and filled out an online dating profile about 6 months ago. The way I figured it, I had burned every bridge with people in my area who may have wanted to know me. The aloofness and ill temper I had developed wasn’t helping anyone, least of all me. I though meeting some fresh people would do me some good.

A guy named Kevin got in touch with me, and I was instantly drawn to his story. He was a second-generation American; his parents migrated from Ireland when they were really young. He didn’t have the accent, but he certainly had the looks. He was Irish through and through.

We hit it off rather well, I thought – or at least as well as you can hit it off using an online dating site. It only took us a few weeks before we decided to meet up.

I wasn’t going into this with the same gusto that Kevin was. I had a nothing-to-lose attitude, just sick of being me, whereas Kevin was the consummate optimist, intent that this was true love in the making.

Our first few dates at a restaurant and then the movie theater went really well, but I feel head over heels in love with this man when he invited me to his house one Friday night.

I could smell the butter and the pork as soon as I walked in the door. I was a little girl again back in Ireland. When he gave me a kiss and asked, “Do you like bangers and mash,” I smiled wider than I had since I was 10.

It wasn’t as good as what mom used to fix, but I realized that these were memories I wanted in my life and not ones I should be trying to bury. Online dating gave me Kevin, and Kevin really gave me my life back.