Dating Online in Boston and Taking Care of Yourself

After years of being single I came to the conclusion that the best thing for me was to get back into the dating in Boston game, but since it had been so long since I had bothered, I figured I would try out dating online.

If only it was as easy for me as I previously thought. I hadn’t really realized how much I had let myself go since I took myself out of the game, but apparently I really let myself go. After signing up for a site and setting up my profile complete with pictures and everything, I went weeks without any sort of reply. One day my roommate mentioned to me at how fat a dirty I was getting, that was when I had an epiphany, who wants to date someone as gross looking as me?

After this point I began to hit local Boston gyms, eat healthier, and showering regularly, I began to get floods of interested women looking to go out with me ever since I began to look after my body. Now online dating in Boston is a LOT more successful.