Dating Online: No is never enough

One of the downsides to dating online is that you’ll sometimes run across people who can’t take a cyber hint. Instead of backing off when hearing no like normal people, some will insist on coming at you from all angles.

James learned this sad fact of cyber life when he ran across Sue – a seemingly mild-mannered mother of two.

Online dating wasn’t something James wasn’t very keen on trying, but after hearing about the many success stories and even having a friend attest to the working nature of the formula, he decided to give it a try and to create a profile.

It didn’t take him long to find Sue online. She was a 27-year-old law clerk out of Idaho, well educated and, as James thought, surprisingly beautiful to be using an online dating service. Reluctantly, James sent her a flirt and waited anxiously for a reply.

Sue soon replied to James’ advance and the two struck a good rapport over the next few weeks. Before long, they had started video conferencing one another and having regular phone calls. James, who lived a few hours away in Oregon, was even entertaining the idea of driving out to meet Sue.

That’s when the craziness started. One night, when James was working late and unable to reach his PC on the agreed upon time, Sue flew off the handle, accused James of cheating, and even threatened to sever his manhood.

He quickly realized that Sue wasn’t exactly stable. And this was reinforced when, instead of arguing, James chose the passive route, only to have Sue actually call the police to his house from one state over.

James quickly tried to end the online dating fling, breaking the news to Sue bluntly. But Sue wasn’t having it. The next day, she came back on as if nothing happened, pledging her devotion to James in an eerie scene that made him physically get up and leave.

The phone calls and emails kept pouring in for weeks. Sue would not take the hint that James wanted nothing to do with that kind of crazy. She even went as far as creating a fake profile of another girl and tried to contact James.

In the end, James realized exactly why Sue was using dating online services – she was a whack job. Hopefully others can avoid James’ story by learning to pick up on the clingy, stalkerish signs. If not, be prepared to change your phone number.