Dating Problems for Seniors

Seniors enjoy dating just as much as anyone.  However, there are a few areas where seniors have some trouble while dating.  Meeting people is not as hard as before since now they can go online and find senior datingmatchmakers that will help them to find other interested daters.  However, when it comes to loving seniors are a bit more troubled in the areas of mobility and health.  You may not be able to do Kama Sutra but you can still have a long and healthy sex life.

The biggest trouble that seniors have when it comes to sex is their mind.  The mind is the only thing that separates a good sex life from a non existant one.  Seniors have more liklihood of having diabetes and high cholesterol than being unable to have sexual relations.  Actually there are many seniors that have a healthy and happy sex lifewell into their 70s and 80s.  After one has pushed through the mental stage then there is a physical stage. 

This stage analyzes ones physical health.  You may not be able to lift your leg over your head, but you shouldn't have any problems with the missionary position and other excellent positions for love making.  In cases of arthritis, there is western medicine, alternative medicine and therapy which can help to relieve these pains.  Even having sexual relations can help to relieve these pains afterwards. 

 The last challenge that seniors may have is their family accepting that they are finding new love.  This is a new adjustment that everyone must get used to but this is a transitional stage.  Once your family sees how well you are and how happy you are in a new relationship they will realize that it was selfish to want you to stay alone.