Dating Profile Photo Touching: Good for Your Chances?

Dating Profile Photo Touching: Good for Your Chances?

You probably know by now that millions upon millions of people from all across the globe are using free dating sites online to hook up and find lasting love. And another factor we all know though may be apprehensive to admit is that good-looking people have the first pick when it comes to singles.

Luckily, however, “good” is subjective and various people find various types attractive and pleasing to the eye. This is when photo touchups can make a world of difference if you’re trying to put your best foot forward and present yourself nicely.

First up, be warned: photo touching doesn’t mean pirating another person’s pic or completely redoing your photo until you’re unrecognizable. You’re only looking to enhance yourself here, not change yourself completely.

One of the biggest issues of going out of whack with your touchups is that you’ll be spotted as a fake if and when you meet your date. This is bad from the get go. How do you explain the difference as a red head with green eyes to a person who thought you were a natural blond with blue eyes?

Photo touchups should be handled with kid gloves. For instance: Say you have a really flattering photo of yourself, one that you like, but you have the dreaded red eye and the contrast is a bit off. This is when some touching up can come in handy.

Also, if you’re picture’s just not popping the way you want it to, touching it up to enhance the quality can make you stand out as infinitely more noticeable.

Touching up your photos can also help to clear up some blemishes on your skin, or enhance other features like your eyes, but always proceed with caution here. You’re toeing the line between looking your best and looking like someone else.

Everyone wants to post a presentable picture; one that you will be remembered by. And everyone wants to look attractive as a single. Just remember that feeling your best is always more important in the long run, and showing the true you will be far more emotionally flattering when you land a partner than displaying a false picture.