Dating & Relationships - The Gifts He Wants

Guys are never extremely hard to please, but you should still try to buy them something they will appreciate come Christmas, their birthday, Valentine’s Day, etc. This is just part of dating and being in a relationship.

It’s certainly not hard to figure out what types of gifts guys want. You only need to put yourself in their shoes and realize that flowers and candy aren’t exactly cutting it.

From Dating Sites to the Real World: Some Gifts Your Man Will Appreciate

Rockin’ Out
Almost every guy out there, whether you met him via dating sites or through a church group, has probably dreamed about rocking out in a band. With games like Rock Band and Guitar Hero out there, you can really make the holiday interesting by letting him be a kid again and live his dream.

Be Quiet
So, you like to chat his ear off and he would rather be left alone. Well, a gift-giving occasion is the perfect time for you to put a lid on it and to give him the gift of silence. Let him be alone with his thoughts, hobbies, etc, and let him come to you.

Visual Stimuli
Most guys will ask their girls to wear something special for them. But you should take the initiative here and surprise him by wearing something sexy. The night will definitely go well once you spark his interest.

Fantasy Fulfillment
Is there any type of sexual fantasy he’s wanted that you’ve been putting off? If so, this is probably the easiest and most fulfilling gift you could give. It doesn’t cost a thing but willingness.