Dating Sites Advice: Turning Him on Remotely

Although the men of the world are traditionally the ones to make the first move when dating, the brave new world of online dating has brought about a shift in this tradition – a changing of the guard, if you will. Now, more and more ladies are looking to make the first move and to pick up on the men out there.

If you don’t know how to turn him on, then things can seem a bit tricky. Follow these dating tips for stimulating him and take the guess work out of relationships.

Tips For Making Him Want You through Dating Sites

Be In Tune with the World

Not that every guy out there that you meet on dating sites is interested in politics or day-to-day world affairs, but if you show that you are, then you’ll definitely score some points. You’ll stand out as unique, original, and he will be intrigued and turned on by you.

Don’t Blend in with the Crowd

Being like every other girl out there is great if you want every other guy. But if you’re looking for something special when using dating sites, then never blend in with the crowd. Be an original girl and not like any other girl he can meet. The best way to turn him on is to spark his interest.

Talk about that Boy Stuff

That proverbial “boy stuff” doesn’t have to be about football and beer, but anything that stands out as non-girly in nature, for lack of a better term, is great to talk about. This can be as simple as speaking about the latest action flick instead of the latest romantic comedy if the movie subject comes up. You get the idea. He’ll be turned on by this.

Tell Great Stories

Obviously, you don’t want to include any stories about past relationships, but sometimes you’ll get to talking about your family and stories from your childhood, etc. Telling great stories will make him very interested in