Dating Sites- Finding the Best through the Riffraff

Make no mistake: it takes some guts to actually sign up to an online dating site – especially if you need to pay for your membership. There are millions of success stories, which you can find on any dating site’s main page. But there are also stories of men and women who have tried and failed to find love online, and there are also horror stories of scams and scary characters.

Sometimes it isn’t you that’s the problem, but the dating site you’ve decided to join.  Sometimes the functionality just doesn’t suit what you’re looking for, and sometimes the site attracts the kinds of members you’re not looking to meet.  If you work in a bar, chances are you aren’t going to have a lot of luck on a site that tries to put upwardly mobile city bankers together.

Don’t fear though, because there is definitely a dating site out there that’s perfect for you.

Here are a few tips to make it worth your while:

1) Shop Around – Don’t just join the first dating site you stumble across, even if it’s free.  The reason for this is that getting into a dating site takes up time and energy.  They send you emails, you have to look at profiles, and learn how the whole thing works.  If you try to do this for five different sites you’ll get bored and frustrated.

2) Ask A Friend – We all know someone who has done some online dating before.  Ask them what sites they used, and whether they’d recommend them.  It could be that the biggest sites aren’t for you.

3) Follow the Crowds – In this case, trying to be a unique little flower and go against the grain is not going to help your cause.  There is a good reason the niche dating site you’re looking at only has 376 members: it sucks.

4) Bust Out Your Credit Card – Free online dating is recommended for people who have used a premium site before.  Free sites are usually more complicated, have older technology, are frequented by scammers and loaded with dead profiles of people who signed up and never used the site. If you really want to get the most out of online dating, pay $50 for a month’s subscription to a good site, and see where it takes you.

5) Follow Your Instinct – If you see a site you like, and it makes all the right noises, go for it.  Most premium sites will offer you a look around for free, but you won’t get to message people back or do a lot of things without paying.  Spend some time shopping, but when it feels right, go for it.  If you spend a month using the site and still aren’t feeling a good vibe, take your business elsewhere.