Humor that Doesn’t Work on Women

What exactly do women want out of men? Well, there are a lot of different types of women and thus a lot of different requests – some impossible to fill and some rather common. Not only are women seeking the proverbial tall, dark and handsome man who is strong yet sensitive, they claim, time and again, to want a guy that can make them laugh.

If you’re a guy browsing online dating sites and are looking to draw some ladies in with your big personality, you should be warned: not every type of humor is going to work.

Sure, everyone can be a comedian, but comedians aren’t necessarily funny. Remember Pauly Shore?

Here is some humor that doesn’t work on dating sites:


A lot of guys, especially using online dating sties, have a habit of poking fun at themselves, attempting to make her have a laugh at their expense. But this can backfire in a big way. The trouble is that guys telling self-deprecating jokes are like people eating Lays potato chips – they can’t have only one.

They go from being a little hard on themselves in a quirky way to coming across like a moody depression case. To avoid this, make sure you avoid this type of humor altogether.


When guys are around guys, or when they’re watching the Larry the Cable Guy marathon, toilet jokes—poop, fart, etc—are hilarious. Nobody knows why; they’re just hysterical amongst guys! Girls, on the other hand, are repulsed by toilet jokes. After all, we’re talking about a species that hides in the hallway to fart. You think they want you making light of this stuff?

Physical Comedy

Physical comedy, like acting a fool and falling down, works okay if you’re Jim Carey. Even then, it only works for a four-month marriage at a go. Inevitably, girls are going to think that you’re a dork or a moron if you’re flailing around all over the place and trying too hard to get a laugh.