Is My Mate Marriage Material?

With millions of people finding happiness through online dating sites, we don’t feel as if it’s a knock to say that most people using this format have failed at previous relationships in a real-life format.

In fact, it’s not even close to a knock; it’s just an acknowledgement, pretty straightforward at that, that matching on emotional compatibility via dating sites is stronger than matching on physical aspects. But no matter how well a dating site can match you on an emotional level, knowing if this person is right for marriage is a completely different ball game.

Everyone’s going to be a little bit different, but here a few dating and relationship tips you can check out to help you know if your mate is marriage material.

Do You Dream in Tune?

This is all about wanting relatively the same things out of life. To know if your mate is marriage material, he or she has to be on the same page as you are going forward. Dating a person planning on moving to the Amazon to be a volunteer with the villagers might be noble, but it’s not ideal for marriage if you’re not booking a ticket. Your futures have to align so discuss these things before any big moves are taken. This is one of the top dating and relationship tips you will ever read or hear.

Can You Count Together?

Even casual daters involved in a weeks-long relationship talk about kids, so you should definitely know how large a family—if any—your partner wants before entertaining marriage. If you want a large family and your partner wants to remain childless, then making a marriage work might be too difficult.

Do You Find Stability?

A financially and emotionally stable person is always marriage material whether you meet on dating sites or in a club. If you’ve been with your partner for a while and you don’t think he or she is crazy, then you can mark insanity off your list and rest assured they’re emotionally sound. As for the finances: it’s simply an expensive world out there these days, and getting married and starting a family takes money. Financially stable people are more cut out for marriage than broke people.