Dating Sites - The Rudeness Factor

There is a great chance that you will experience a healthy dose of cordiality when using any type of online dating site. Even if you’re not exactly feeling the person trying to contact you or vice versa, most people handle it well and simply move on.

Most people on dating sites…

There are always a few bad apples in every barrel, and the huge supply of apples on online dating sites increases the rot.

You’ll sometimes find that singles you meet can be outright rude. Here are a few dating tips to deal with rude replies.

One: Respond kindly

Depending on how rude the person is being, you may want to respond back and ask them why they’re being so rude to you. You may want to throw them for a loop and “kill ‘em with kindness,” so to speak. It’s totally up to you, but responding kindly, not falling into the trap, has been known to shut them up.

Two: Bite back

The idea of an “effective” tact here is 100% relative to the person you’re dealing with on the dating site and what type of person you are. You may read a rude response and feel like giving them a good what-for. That’s totally your call. It may lead to a big back-and-forth exchange of rudeness; but if you can handle yourself, go for it.

Three: Just roll your eyes

This is the A#1 most effective tactic you’ll find when dealing with rude people. Yeah, you probably didn’t need dating advice to tell you that you should be ignoring jerks, but it’s sometimes a hard thing to do when they’re constantly contacting you. Just block them and go on about your day. Don’t let it get to you.