Dating Tips: Sticking to a budget

Unfortunately, the economic crisis we are facing is something that must even be considered when it comes to the world of online dating.

Lots of people can’t afford the expensive dinners and entertainment fees that come up when you plan to show a date a great time. For that reason, learning a few good dating tips to save you money is a great idea.

Even if you may not know it, your date might be a very money-conscious person too. There are some great things to do out there that are impressive and exciting that won’t break the bank. Of course, you shouldn’t spend all your time trying to avoid spending money, but sometimes less is more.

You may not know this, but lunch is always cheaper than dinner. Many restaurants offer reduced rates for lunch, whether they are regular restaurants or expensive ones. The dinner menu really is more expensive when it comes to eating out. So, if you would like to treat your date to a good meal, consider doing lunch. It’s also generally a lot less crowded at lunchtime, giving you a great chance to spend some quality romantic time with your date.

If you and your date are the types who enjoy the great outdoors – private time on a budget is easily done. Try going on a hike, or taking out your bicycles for a romantic ride – these activities are usually free, or very cheap. Pack a picnic and your outdoor date can be not only fun, but it can be inexpensive and enjoyable as well – this also shows your date that you spent some time thinking about the date beforehand.

There are many free things to do with a date. Why not go to the zoo or a museum. Art galleries are always happy to welcome people and they’ll let you walk around and talk in the art for hours and not expect ridiculous amounts of money. Why not take in some culture with your romance? Plus, with all the money you’re saving, you’ll be able to take your date out for a really good meal. In this way, you don’t look cheap and you can still have a good time.

Touring a winery is another great, free idea. Visiting wineries has become very popular lately and many people have never actually been to visit one. Take your date on one of the free tours on offer and then enjoy a wine tasting at the end. It’s a lot of fun, and you’ll even learn something along the way.

There really are an endless number of things to do that are inexpensive or even free. Check your local listings and see if anything is coming up – you don’t have to spend a fortune to have a great time and make some memories along the way too.