Dating Tips: Why He Leads You On?

Dating anywhere can sometimes be a confusing thing, but especially when you’re using dating sites. Through words and possibly a phone or video chat here or there, it’s often difficult to get a read on someone.

Could he be leading you on? It’s not at all uncommon for a guy to seem interested in you, when all the while he really isn’t interested at all. Check out some of the reasons that guys decide to lead girls on.

Mr. Nice Guy

Guys typically love the play the nice guy, especially via online dating sites. This can backfire in the dating site format, however. He may be a little too nice, and you may take it as a sign that he likes you when, in reality, he wants nothing to do with you in that way.

Attention Hound

Don’t get it twisted here: guys absolutely love the attention they receive from ladies. It makes them feel wise and strong and all those little good things we all crave. It’s not at all uncommon for a guy to lead a girl on simply because he enjoys the positive attention she gives him.


People get confused about where they stand in relationships in general, but you will find that this increases at least twofold via online dating sites. The constant back-and-forth battle on whether a guy wants a girlfriend or not – it’s on display front and center, and you might fall victim to a guy’s constant indecision.


Some guys certainly enjoy playing the field. They will keep you around, so to speak, just to have an extra on the team. So if it doesn’t work out with so and so, or if his options somehow end up limited, or even if he eventually makes a decision, he wants you to be there. He will lead you on until that time.