Dating Tips:Internet Speak Matters

The Internet is absolutely riddled with dating sites and other social networking avenues to meet people on. In order to use these to the best of your advantage, it never hurts to be a little computer savvy. But how savvy is too savvy? At what point does knowing how to properly use a dating site become a curse instead of a blessing? This is where reading up on some good dating tips comes in.

The answer: when you give up on English—or whichever language you speak—and start speaking in initialism. Unless you’re a 16-year-old hormone-driven teenager, you should act like you have a firm grasp on grammar. Nobody’s demanding your sentence structure be flawless, but use your words!

Meeting a girl or a guy via a free dating site is most likely going to follow a certain set of predefined steps. There are always the exceptions out there, but if you happen to get into a relatively normal relationship, you can expect: texting, emails, and IM’n evolving into phone calls, video messages and an eventual meeting.

There’s no real art or science to everyday conversation. Sure, there are some set tips to follow. But each conversation is relative to the individuals having it. The important thing here is to come across at least somewhat intelligent. Keep the PC vernacular to a minimum wherever possible.

There are a few globally accepted abbreviations that free daters of all ages can use. LOL, meaning laugh out loud, is common. But don’t get carried away and put in LSHMBH (laughing so hard my belly hurts). That’s a complete sentence turned into initialism!

The idea here is to show a little bit of sophistication. Realistically, there’s not that much of a downside if you speak to your potential partner in text code. But you won’t really be saying anything of substance; and when you do, it will stand out like a sore thumb.

For example, if you’ve been using TTFN, OMG, MFI, MTFBWY, ROTFLUTS, then interrupting your jibberfest with a serious line like “Wow, you look beautiful” seems completely out of place.

You also run the risk of coming across like a person who uses texting devices way too much. The danger here is that you may not be taken seriously. So just remember to flesh it out in words. Even if you’re a hunt-and-pecker and not a courtroom typist, it’s only a few extra seconds of your time.

Keep these dating tips in mind when you are dating online and it will all come a lot easier.