Differences In Online Dating

In the 1950’s times were very different and that reflected in the lifestyle of people in their work, play and social habits. Of course there was no online dating websites like now, there wasn’t even Internet then. The idea of a cell phone would have been ludicrous to most anyone if you asked them about it back then.

There were a lot of major changes in the life many knew then but now like we see nearly everyday in our present day 2010.

Segregation in schools was not uncommon in the ‘50’s. Racism was prevalent and interracial dating was a hidden fact with those that participated in it at all. We now have entire websites dedicated to interracial dating and racism has practically been wiped out of most people’s lives today.

New things were coming into the lives of the people of the 1950’s. Wars and the Great Depression were all but forgotten, especially by the young folks of the dating set.

These were the years they were for the first time enjoying a new escape in the form of television and radio.

But life was still extremely strict when it came to those that wanted to enjoy the freedom of dating. Women were thought to be homebodies and were meant to become housewives. Men were the workers and bill payers of the day. Children, and then that even meant the teens, could be seen but weren’t supposed to be heard.

Here is where dating came in and if it was a single couple on a date it was usually only after your eighteenth birthday. Clothing for the teens and the young daters was very modest and discreet, as was the dating.

We enjoy much more freedom now, especially in our dating and our perception of the dating age. Online dating websites allow male and female freedoms to choose a compatible date and if this includes a trip across the country—no big deal in today’s dating life.

Women in the 50’s were supposed to be reserved and ladylike and dates were more of a social event such as a dance that would likely include about 50 other couples. It is not hard to imagine a college girl or career-oriented female or even a single mother finding an online date and asking him to join her for coffee or a meal today.

That is also compounded by the fact that there are about 10% more females participating in dating sites and they have their own lives to lead. They don’t have the time or the inclination to sit around and wait on an eligible bachelor to find or ask them out.

A lot of people may fondly call the 1950’s the “good ole days,” but if they live in today’s dating world they might easily rethink that idea.