Different Date Ideas: Fresh Thinking

Nothing is more important than the impression you make on that first date with someone. The idea is to be all things, romantic, fun, silly and spontaneous. Make every first date a date they will forever remember, and for that to happen you’ll have to be creative.

Here are a few dating ideas for making that first date special and over the top.

Our first idea probably isn’t one a lot of people will think of which is what makes it so creative. It involves random choosing. Before you pick your date up or meet them make a list of the best 10 or 12 restaurants in town and write them all on separate pieces of paper. Put them in a bag to take with you. When our date asks where the two of you are going you can let them choose from the bag. This is fun and random and he/she is sure to remember how they chose your first dinner date.

Inexpensive, romantic and fun is what this idea is. You will have to invest a couple of dollars at your local party store but not much. Buy some glow sticks or glow stick jewelry. You’ll also need a Frisbee that lights up when it’s thrown. After dark, take your date down to the beach or an open park. Put on the glow sticks or jewelry and have a game of night Frisbee. Don’t forget to bring a flashlight and some soda or water to drink after you’ve worked up a thirst. You’re date will be bragging about this date for months.

Setting up your own late date picnic is fun under the stars with your first date. It will show you put some thought into not having any kind of usual date and they will be impressed.

You could take a first date on a horseback riding jaunt. This is fun, not an activity that many people do every day and it takes some of the pressure off the first date jitters by actually giving you something to be concerned with.

Taking your first date to the amusement park will show your fun and laid back side.

A dessert date is much easier than a dinner date because most people can’t resist desserts.

It really isn’t important what you do or where you go on your first date as long as you put some thought or effort into it. First dates can be fancy or inexpensive, creative and fun but it will always be a great memory if you add something interesting instead of the same old boring dinner and movie that they have probably done a hundred times before.