Does He Think You’re Easy?

One of the best parts about using any of the many online dating sites out there is that it’s easy to find that match. But if you’re a woman using these sites to meet that great guy, you certainly don’t want him thinking that you’re easy and will sleep with anyone right away.

There are many ways in which a woman can lead a man to believe that she’s easy. More often than not, the guy doesn’t mind at first. It isn’t until the relationship gets going that their insecurities begin to bubble up to the surface and work to sabotage the relationship. All the while, however, the women are usually unaware of how the guy felt from day one.

Don't let me think you're easy

Needless to say, whether using online dating sites or out there in the real world, you don’t want men thinking that you’re easy to get in bed. Here are a few things that might lead him to think that.

Initial Contact

Some women may reach out to men via online dating sites despite the tradition, or perhaps even to spite it. This is perfectly acceptable, but occasionally, depending on your tone when contacting the guy, he might think that you’re an easy score and are looking to land only a quick fling.


How you act when you’re first getting to know a guy is going to decide whether or not he thinks you’re easy or if he has to chase you down. Familiarity, as in finding it acceptable to flirt heavily and speak about relationship-toned subject matter, will leave you looking easy.

The Grapevine

Depending on how long you’ve been using dating sites, how closely you live to one another, or even how many friends you have in the same circle, he might be hearing from people about your personal details. More often than not, your exploits will be exaggerated. This can definitely lead him to think you’re easy.


When dealing with dating sites, it’s all about how you present yourself. If you’re wearing some skimpy clothing, use a lot of flirty language, and have your profile geared toward hook-ups rather than relationships, then he’s going to think you’re an easy catch and not a serious woman looking for serious love