Finding Love Through Online Dating

My city was named after Christopher Columbus—great explorer and adventurer. I’ll bet he’d never have guessed that here in Columbus, Ohio the population here would have made it the 16th largest city in the U.S.

Since I feel a kinship to Columbus; the man as well as the city, I kind of fancy myself an explorer and quite adventurous as well.  That’s why I decided to find a girl from online dating. Of course you don’t hear as many bad stories these days about online dating as you did in Columbus’ day. I’ll bet people would have been embarrassed by the thought.

Truth is, I tried regular dating but didn’t have anything in common with every pretty face that caught my eye. With the adult dating sites I can find a profile that I like and see what they are looking for too. Lots of the web dating sites has points or some kind of scale that lets you know how compatible you are with each other. Now I can find a pretty face that I finally have something in common with. Online dating matches are the way to go for me.