Fixing the Little Relationship Mistakes for the Big Score

Fixing the Little Mistakes for the Big Score

We’ve all heard in life that nobody’s perfect. This has never ringed as true as with the online dater. Those uberhappy couples you see in the dating commercials may really be in love, but you can bet that their relationship isn’t perfect because neither of them is perfect as a person.

However, they conquered the tiny mistakes that a lot of us make that keep us single. Most of the time, we make these mistakes with no idea that they’re working against us.

So, what are these little mistakes?

How about the complainer – is that you?

Whether you’re dealing with a partner in person or via a free dating site, some of us have a tendency to complain out our days at work, our run-ins with an ex, our bout with a sibling, or a number of other circumstances. The truth of the matter is that people don’t want to hear you complain always, so lighten up.

Are you too inquisitive?

Asking a few questions now and again is no big deal. Even if you’re getting a little personal with your partner, a few questions never hurt anyone. However, if you’re always pressing the issue you’re going to find that it’s a huge turnoff. And this could be a good reason why you’re single now.

Do you rush in to relationships just to not be single?

A lot of us have a habit of finding someone to be in a relationship with simply so we’re not single anymore. This is a big mistake and can ironically be one of the biggest reasons that you’re single now. You need to be with someone out of love and respect and not out of fear of being single.

Do you romanticize romance too much?

If you’re constantly expecting real-life romance to happen like the proverbial chick flick or the romance novel, then you may find that this is working to keep you single. Seriously – if your standards are Hollywood-esque, then they could be impossible to reach.

There are plenty more mistakes that people make that work to keep them single, but start with brushing up on these if you’re guilty of making them in your relationship. Tighten your game and then watch how much easier your free dating life flows.