Free Dating: Deal Breakers

Deal Breakers for Dating

Whether you’re exploring the dating world via free dating sites online or putting foot to ground and checking out the bar scene, the hope is that the end result is the same – you meet that special someone and fall in love.

One of the biggest parts of a relationship is trust, and letting the proverbial skeletons out of the closet before the relationship starts has always been a dating rule to live by. Keeping your secrets in the dark can be a big deal breaker once the relationship is forged. Getting to know someone by dating online it is easier to start sharing those intimate details that are so important.

Let’s go over a few deal breakers so you get the gist of what you should come clean with right away when looking for a partner.


Whether you’re addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarettes or even gambling, this is something you don’t want to keep in the dark. Be upfront about your addiction, whatever it may be, because your partner is going to find out about it eventually. Hence the word “addiction”; it’s not like you can hide it.

Pregnant or have Children

If you have children, odds are you’ll find a lot of potential mates that don’t care about that as long as you’re straight forward about it and tell them. But hiding a child from your partner can be a deal breaker. Amplify this tenfold to figure out what kind of a deal breaker it would be if you were pregnant and either didn’t tell your partner or led him to believe the baby was his. Ouch!

Sexual Indiscretion

Whether you went through the proverbial wild phase, have some kind of kinky fetish or just enjoy a wild bedroom life, this is the kind of thing that you can’t spring on your partner. A relationship isn’t all about sex, of course, but sex is a part of it. Imagine how big of a deal breaker it becomes when, 12 months into the relationship, you talk about past lovers and you need a calculator while your partner can still count on their fingers.

Previous Marriage

This should go without saying. If you’ve been married before, you should definitely come clean about it right away. Don’t hide this little gem. If you’re not clean about a past marriage, what else does your partner think you’d hide in the dating relationship?

Use these tips and see your free dating experience one that's successful. Weed out the bad apples early and you are set for love.