Free Dating Sites - The Appeal

In today’s tough economy, the last thing most people want to do is spend their hard earned bucks sipping down a ten dollar martini with the hope that their one and only will slide on to the barstool next to them. For most people this doesn’t happen, and the dating scene becomes an emotional drain suck that steals their hopes and dreams of a future meant for two.

Between the loud music and most people’s inability to string a sentence together when faced with talking to an attractive stranger, the outcome is usually less than desired. It is very likely that they will find themselves hung over and broke. This approach to dating can be costly and nerve racking at best.

So they wake up, prepare themselves breakfast for one and sit down at their computer. Last week, their friend told them about these wonderful free online dating sites she is using. She’s meeting a lot of great people and loving it. They decide to run a search, out of curiosity only of course, and have no plans on actually using the site. But, soon it all becomes more and more appealing. No more smoky bars, endless lines to the bathroom, or spilled drinks down their back on the dance floor.

This could be the perfect solution to their dating dilemma. They sign up and nervously fill in their personal information, upload their best profile picture, and hit finish. They are now in a database sea of thousands of other singles, ready to meet, and take that bold step forward towards email exchange.

These free online dating sites become a great way for people to find out more about each other. They have the advantage of discovering the other person’s interests and personality tics, without having to decide who’s going to pay for the roast duck and wine on the first date. The pressure is off and they can be themselves. They are now on their way to a more mature, planned out dating experience.

It’s obviously cheaper than a paid dating site or the bar scene, and they don’t have to worry about their credit card information being virtually pick-pocketed to pay for someone else’s mucho fabulous Swedish massage in Cancun. They simply sit back, read profiles, flirt a little or a lot, and narrow down their potential future significant others from the comfort of their home. True love may be just one click away.