Free Dating Tip: Weighting for Sex

Some people out there are true romantics and look past the surface of a person and into their soul to decide where the beauty lies. Other people, however, are sticklers for appearance and about as shallow as a teaspoon. In the world of free dating sites, you’ll always be able to find both types of people. But when you’re speaking about those for-sex hookup sites, then you can bet it’s about a 90/10 mix.

Yeah. If you’re thinking about joining one of those sex-finding dating sites out there, then the first thing you better do is renew your gym membership.

Don’t go into an ice cream coma out of depression if you’re not pushing rock-hard abs, though. The average Joe’s and Jane’s of the world can find great success on these sex sites if they take a few weeks to tone up in all the right places.

Meeting for sex on an adult site isn’t like slowly coasting your way into a relationship via a free dating site of the conventional variety. People on adult sites are looking for things of a more physical nature. But if this is something you want to do, then plan it out a month or more in advance to begin toning up in the right places.

For both men and women, there are really two areas on which you should work on if you’re looking to impress someone physically – your abdominal region and your buttocks region (butt and thighs).
A regimen of diet and exercise will get you toned up enough to impress here. And it all starts with what you don’t eat as opposed to what you do.

First and foremost, eliminate carbohydrates from your diet – processed sugars, wheat, and even an abundance of fruit. Yeah, it’s healthy, but it’s not going to help you tone up quickly believe it or not.

Start your morning out with at least 50 sit-ups for a solid month, and make sure you’re walking or riding a bike at least 2 miles per day. Taking stairs will always help to tone you up—and will help to increase your stamina to boot—and jogging up them is even better.

This is a crash diet, of sorts, and the boost to your cardiovascular system and lack of carbs will instantly start to burn fat and replace it with a toned muscle structure where you’re working.
The no-carb, high-exercise diet is one that will not sustain weight loss for years, and you probably won’t have the stamina to keep up with it, but you’ll be golden for a few months and can impress the onlookers using adult dating sites.